11 – 11 AliExpress Shopping Festival

On November 11 2020, China celebrates Bachelor’s Day annually, but they expect this day not only in the Middle Kingdom. The thing is that on this date one of the most ambitious sales of the year falls, held by the famous trading platform Aliexpress. In 2020, as in the previous ones, there will again be millions of a wide variety of goods at a discount of up to 70 percent, a large number of stocks, distribution of “freebies” and discount coupons.

When does a large-scale sale begin?

In 2018, sales began not as usual, that is, on the 11th, but 10 and lasted until 12. As it will be this year, it is not yet known, but it is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • find and add to the basket the goods of interest at least one day in advance;
  • collect coins in the application, giving additional bonuses;
  • take part in contests, games, promotions from the administration of the site.

Pre-order Products

Announcements of brands and products that will participate in the sale appear 14 days before 11.11. During this period, you can pre-order specific goods by paying 10 percent of its value. It guarantees the availability of the product at the time of the main sale, and also makes it possible to get additional discounts of up to 15 percent. From the experience of previous years, we can say that it is desirable to make pre-orders for at least popular products, since on November 11 they are literally swept away from virtual shelves.

Aliexpress Coupons

In 2018, the distribution of coupons began on October 28. This year it will begin around the same time, plus or minus a few days. They can be divided into several types:

  • Aliexpress coupon – issued at registration, can be exchanged for coins collected in the application, won in various games, accepted by all stores on the site;
  • special coupon – issued in exchange for coins, for winning or participating in games, as well as on special sales pages, is accepted only for certain goods or in individual stores;
  • seller’s coupon – issued in exchange for coins, on the pages of goods and specific sellers, is accepted, respectively, in the store of the same seller.

How to get coins

On Aliexpress coins, for which you can then purchase discount coupons, you can earn as follows:

  • Сonstantly using the official mobile application;
  • Performing daily simple tasks, for example, adding the specified stores to the list of favorites, etc .;
  •  taking part in various thematic games from Aliexpress.

Coupons and real discounts are not the only way to save. Additionally, you can use the cashback, which is now offered by many services.

Find out the real price of goods on sale

Not every seller on Aliexpress is honest, especially on the day of the global sale, when the buyer is not much paid attention to real prices. Consider 3 types of discounts that are on this site:

  • wound;
  • conditional;
  • real ones.

We all know about the so-called fake discounts. Their essence is very simple:

  • there is a product with a real price of 1 thousand rubles;
  • a few before the sale, sellers inflate the price, indicating instead of 1 thousand, for example, 2;
  • 11.11 the seller returns 1 thousand rubles in the price tag and writes that he has a 50 percent discount, which is actually not available.

That’s not all. There is a separate caste of sellers who sell goods at a sale at a price higher than it was before. There are two ways to not be fooled:

  • manually – tracking the dynamics of prices;
  • with the help of special plug-ins installed in the browser – they independently monitor prices for the products selected by the user.

The conditional discount is really a discount, but not as huge as the seller claims. He, again, winds up the price, but then 11.11 gives a discount, which, according to his statement, is 80-90 percent, but in fact – no more than 15 percent.

Real discounts on Aliexpress are also available. They are mainly given by sellers with a good reputation and in order to generate positive reviews and advertise their products. Do not forget to compare prices from different sellers – sale by sale, but do not “lose your head”.

Profitable or disadvantageous sale 11.11?

Definitely profitable. On this day, you can really buy inexpensive goods of good quality:

  • tool kits, gadgets and household appliances;
  • gifts for Christmas and New Year;
  • goods for mothers and children;
  • accessories, jewelry, jewelry;
  • sports equipment, clothes, etc.

The main thing is to prepare for this day in advance, install extensions to track prices, carefully study seller profiles, ratings and reviews. In this case, the global sale on Aliexpress will bring a lot of positive emotions. Follow the news – for sure 11.11 this year will be even more profitable and interesting than in the previous one.