Aliexpress birthday in 2020 – sales in honor of the 10th anniversary

March 28, 2020, the famous “Aliexpress” will turn 10 years old – this is a momentous event, which next year will eclipse the coolest sale 11.11. On its birthday, the trading platform will give its customers even more gifts, discounts, promotions, coupons and promotional codes for their loyalty. In 2019, the celebrations lasted for weeks, the same will certainly happen next year. Knowing the creativity of the Aliexpress administration, you can expect even more fresh ideas and innovations.

When the 10th anniversary total sale kicks off

Traditionally, Aliexpress celebrations will last at least a few weeks:

  • from the beginning of March, all visitors to the trading platform will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of mini-games and contests, the prizes of which will be coins, discount coupons;
  • from March 21 to March 28, a pre-order will open, which can be done for money or coins, by the way the number of coins distributed will only increase in the last week before the sale;
  • From 10 a.m. March 28 to 10 a.m. on April 1, the main birthday sale starts – it’s time to buy clothes, electrical appliances, gadgets, household appliances, shoes and other things and it’s very good to save.

Important: far from all Aliexpress sellers are honest, many charge the price a few days before the sale, so as not to fall into their bait, it is better to install a special extension in the browser in advance (for example, from Letyshops) and monitor, indeed the price of specific goods will be reduced . Reviews about the sellers are also required to read discounts with discounts, but do not forget about safety.

Where to get coins

СаThe easiest way to get coins is to add products to the basket. For each position at least 5 coins will be credited to the account. In 2019, the daily maximum was set at 50 coins, but we can say with confidence that in 2020 it will rise. You can earn coins, both through the application and the site. “Monetopad” will open in mini-games, as well as for completing tasks (go to a specific page, add goods to favorites, etc.).

How to get coupons?

To get the maximum benefit from the sale in honor of the 10th anniversary, there are several ways to earn discount coupons:

  1. Win them through the app.
  2. Exchange for coins.
  3. Win in mini-games held by the Administration of the trading platform.
  4. Get on the pages of specific sellers, many of them arrange sweepstakes or promotions.

The first and fourth options involve regular visits to the mobile application, as well as monitoring the site. You can also exchange coins at any time, the main thing is to do this until 10:00 on March 28. Getting coupons through games like Podarkopad requires luck and keeping track of their schedules. Usually they last at least a few days, 2020 will not be an exception.

What can I do with coupons

A coupon is actually a discount, so using them you can save on a purchase. During the campaign “10th anniversary of Aliexpress” the following types of coupons will be used:

  • red – standard coupons;
  • white – special coupons;
  • orange – coupons provided by specific sellers.

Accordingly, red coupons are suitable for any purchase on the trading floor. Important: the purchase amount should not be less than the face value of the coupon. White coupons apply to a specific type of product, and orange coupons apply to products of the seller who issued them.

Coupons of different types can be combined with each other, but there are certain nuances:

  • with 1 red you can use only 1 orange;
  • within 1 purchase, the possibility of using several white coupons is available.

Possible inconvenience during the holiday sale

Confusion and chaos during sales happen not only in ordinary stores, but also on the Internet. You need to be prepared for certain inconveniences:

  • the quantity of goods at competitive prices is limited, therefore it is not worth pulling with placing orders;
  •  due to the influx of users, the site may work a little slower, do not be upset if the purchase process lasts a little longer than usual;
  • the volume of purchases on the birthday of Aliexpress will increase tenfold – this, in turn, increases the load on mail and delivery services, so it is possible that the package will be delivered a little later;
  • there will be many profitable and interesting offers on the sale, but many sellers will try to get rid of unclaimed and stale goods, so you need to be careful.

10th Birthday Aliexpress is the first spring sale in 2020. Follow the information on our website, as well as news on Aliexpress – special pages dedicated to this event will appear in late-February-early March. You can save even more with cashback services, which will be available during the huge sale of 2020.