In this article, we will share tips on how to choose a cashback service for Aliexpress so that purchases are at the best price, with maximum savings and maximum cashback.

If you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves

Cashback Aliexpress - choose a cashback-service for Aliexpress

The Chinese trading platform Aliexpress is known in many countries of the world, including ours. Here are tens of thousands of a wide variety of products at very attractive prices. It is especially beneficial to shop here on days of general sales, for example, on Bachelor’s Day, which is celebrated in China on 11.11. You can return up to 8 percent of the order amount using cashback services. In this article, we will consider the most popular and really working cashback services.

What is cashback?

Online stores use it as another way to attract customers. It works as follows:

  1. The owner of the online store or site, in our case it is Aliexpress, passes to the intermediary, that is, the cashback service, a certain percentage of the purchase amount for each buyer attracted by him. For example, take 8 percent.
  2. The cashback service is engaged in advertising and involves buyers in the purchase process, offering them a refund of 4% of the purchase price. Naturally, the intermediary (Cashback Service) deducts a part of the funds received for itself from the promised remuneration, often this is 50% of the amount earned.
  3. Ultimately, everyone remains to the benefit: the buyer receives an additional discount, Aliexpress new customers, and cashback-service receives profit.

The main difference between cashback and regular discounts is that the buyer receives money on a special account on the intermediary’s website (cashback service), from where the money can then be transferred to a card or electronic wallet. Today, about 50 cashbacks work with Aliexpress, but not all of them fulfill their promises with high quality. The main reason that returns are not always paid are lost orders. Lost orders is a technical error that occurs on the side of the online store and / or service that returns the money. In addition, the online services in which purchases are made always delay payment for a number of reasons, such as order verification, refunds, etc. The best money-back services solve the problem quickly. The response time is 1 hour during business hours, except weekends.

Given that the geography of Aliexpress customers is the whole world, we have compiled a list of cashback services for you in the article:

About cashback on AliExpress“.

The main thing is that you can buy using coupons and promotions, as well as return a portion of the money from any purchase every time you make a purchase in Aliexpress.

Cashback Aliexpress - choose a cashback-service for Aliexpress

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