Aliexpress store is strongly associated with an incredible assortment of products that are sold at unprecedented low prices. And at the same time, prices can be made even lower, thanks to the marketing policy of the service owners. We are talking about the use of coupons and promotional codes, which can significantly reduce the amount of the purchase.

Naturally, the ability to make the price of a product you like indecently low attracts millions of coupon hunters and thousands of scammers trying to make money on gullible people. To make purchases on Aliexpress leave you with only a pleasant aftertaste, study this guide, which contains the most complete information about coupons and promotional codes.

Aliexpress coupons

Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress

The service has two types of coupons that can give discounts of one dollar or more. In some cases, the savings are very substantial. But it’s worth considering that the most tempting coupons are quickly disassembled and in order to get them, you need to be confident in monitoring Aliexpress.

Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress
  • AliExpress Coupon – are provided by the service itself with the aim of increasing sales and strengthening customer loyalty. These coupons can be obtained after registration, before a special event on the service, as a reward for active purchases, for participation in flash games, etc. Users of the mobile application for their activity receive coins that can be exchanged for discount coupons. Such coupons apply to all products in the store. True, every year the store reduces the number of coupons that can be exchanged for coins, and in order to get it, customers have to use software that works within milliseconds after the advent of a new batch of coupons. So, it’s much more realistic to get coupons that are handed out before big sales or before the holidays. But for this, it is worthwhile to upgrade your account status in order to gain access to the most advantageous offers. Also, periodically, AliExpress allows you to buy discount coupons for real money. This approach may not seem particularly profitable, since you will have to pay for the discount. But it is in paid offers that you can get the biggest discounts that cannot be purchased in any other way.
Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress
  • Seller Coupon – these are coupons issued not by the service, but by the owner of a particular store. The size of the discount, the validity period and the terms of the coupon are determined by the seller. These coupons are used by sellers as a sales catalyst, so they are placed in a prominent place in the product description, and it will be very difficult to miss your discount. By default, you will be offered a coupon that is most suitable for the product in question. But, if you click on the button that expands the menu, you can see the whole range of discount offers from this store. Choosing a coupon from the seller, you should go to the menu “my coupons” and make sure that you really received it. You can even get a coupon by collecting a basket of goods – it also displays information about available discounts from the store in which the goods were selected.

🤓: Another way to get a coupon from the seller is to add the goods from the store to your “wish list”. Some sellers saw the addition of information can wait a couple of days, and then stimulate the sale of discount.

Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress

All information about your coupons can be found in the My Coupons section of the account. The data is divided into groups:

  • All coupons that you received.
  • Current offers.
  • Coupons that were used, but the goods purchased on them have not yet arrived at you..
  • Coupons you’ve already applied.
  • Invalid coupons that have expired.

Often they are also called special coupons – we, in turn, prepared a small infographic for convenience.

Important information that indicates the terms of use is indicated next to the discount offers themselves. This is the purchase amount after which the coupon is triggered. The amount of discount you will receive. Validity of the coupon, after which it will be expired. And in some cases, the name of the product for which the discount applies.

Promotion code from AliExpress

The second way to get discounts and special conditions for purchases on the Aliexpress website. This is a complex code of letters. The online store offers five types of promotional codes with very different functions:

  1. Reusable. Such a code can be found in the public domain, and it can be used by an unlimited number of buyers. Used to increase activity on the site and attract new users.
  2. Disposable. The code, which can be obtained personally from the seller, after correspondence with him. It gives the right to a discount on one specific product.
  3. Future. This promotional code allows you to get a discount on your next purchase in the store.
  4. Gift. Such a code does not give a discount – instead, the buyer receives a gift in addition to his purchase.
  5. Additional. This code helps to reduce the cost of delivery of goods. This is a rather important aspect, since in some cases the price of a product may be less than the cost of its transportation.

There are a lot of opportunities for receiving promotional codes. They are offered on social networks, blogs, forums, on YouTube channels, etc. If you are looking for a discount on a certain type of product, then it is worth monitoring sites dedicated to this product group. It is also worth periodically checking your mail – in the mailing from AliExpress it may well turn out to be a profitable code.

Using the code you can get a pretty big discount. The fact is that it is summed up with a discount on goods and a cashback. In some cases, you can bring the discount up to 90%. But you won’t be able to use the promotional code together with the coupon – site rules prohibit doing this.

Like a coupon, a promotional code has a validity period. More often than not, the higher the discount, the shorter the time period for which it can be used.

Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress
Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress

Third-party services distributing coupons and codes

AliExpress marketing strategy is based on the involvement of numerous partners who bring new customers to the hypermarket. Due to this, in the vastness of the network there are many places where you can find the desired discounts:

  • Special sites. There are coupon services that are created in order to extend the rights to discounts. These are peculiar aggregators that monitor Aliexpress, create collections of profitable coupons and even create sections with groups of goods.
  • Cashback Services. Great opportunity for extra savings. Partners of the store return from 8 to 18% of the funds, depending on the type of purchase. At the same time, coupons and promotional codes are being distributed. With a successful combination, you can achieve a very solid discount.
  • Affiliate sites. Specialized sites dedicated to all aspects of AliExpress and at the same time leading the distribution of rights to discounts.
  • Social network. Another channel for attracting customers to the trading floor. In social networks, a huge number of official groups from Aliexpress, which highlight sales and distribute coupons.

Special care should be taken with offers to buy a coupon or promotional code on third-party resources. In the network you can find numerous references to the facts of deception – people paid for a favorable discount and as a result received a non-working coupon. It is better to make such purchases on the AliExpress site or on services with an impeccable reputation.

Be careful in choosing discounts and persistent in finding coupons, and you can buy your desired items at an incredibly low price.

And yet, we recommend reading – The rules for using special coupons on Aliexpress.

Full coupons and promotional code guide on Aliexpress