Many of you have heard of the eBay auction, which is popular all over the world. In this article, we will share our own experience and tell you how to buy on eBay.

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

What is an eBay auction?

  • eBay – this is a platform where tens and thousands of sellers from all over the world have been selling new and used goods for 25 years.
  • The number of buyers is 180 million.
  • eBay – this is a public American company founded in 1995 in the United States. 
  • Founder: Pierre Omidyar
  • Company turnover: more than 16 billion dollars
  • Geography of sales: the whole world.
  • Main global competitors: Amazon и Aliexpress.
  • eBay official site –

eBay for sellers: 
eBay – a platform that allows you to sell goods at auction prices and at a fixed price for everyone. For beginning sellers, a limit of 10 products is set, which does not exceed the total amount of 500 US dollars. Read the official rules for new sellers on the official website.

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

The Ebay has a free consultation program for entrepreneurs. To do this, fill out the application:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

In the next article we will talk more about all the opportunities for sellers.

eBay for buyers: 

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

For the first time we learned about eBay in 2012, then this site was not known around the world, as it is now. According to Similarweb research, the top 5 countries of the buyers include:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

The main countries where the site is concentrated are 49 countries where eBay officially announced its presence and where Russia took second place after the United States:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

According to research, eBay is one of the most popular sites where customers buy different products along with Aliexpress, Amazon, ASOS, H&M, Bangood, Gearbest and other foreign online sites.

This Internet giant has many sites that operate under this brand all over the world in order to become closer to customers in advanced economies:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips
Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

For many years, Amazon and ebay have been fighting for the European market, where, for example, Germany, sites are visited by 650 million users a month.

How to shop on ebay?

  1. The first thing you need to do is register in English. You can log in via Facebook or Google Gmail, as shown in the example. Be sure to enter your mail and create a password.
  2. Indicate your phone number and write your real name and surname. The last point is very important to fulfill. After that, you will receive a 4-digit code on your phone that you need to enter in the appropriate window and that’s it – you have registered on eBay.
Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

3. After you have registered, in your account settings, indicate your home address in Latin:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

What’s next?

Now you can start searching for the right goods, but there are a few points about which we want to tell you.

Everyone knows the site as an auction, where it is possible to purchase both new and used goods at an affordable price:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

There are goods with a fixed cost – you can buy them in a regular store. To show products from the last category, click button Buy It Now:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

The ebay catalog contains an additional sorting, which we recommend using:

  • Best Match
  • Time: ending soonest
  • Time: newly listed
  • Price + Shipping: lowest first
  • Price + Shipping: highest first
  • Distance: nearest first
  • List view/gallery view
Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

Many filters will help you more accurately choose the right product:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

When choosing a seller, you need to carefully look at his rating, and it is also advisable to read comments about the seller. If his rating is above 98% and there are a sufficient number of reviews, for example, like that of this seller, as shown in the example, the likelihood that you will be dissatisfied is extremely low.

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

If the rating is 100%, but only a few reviews about the seller, we recommend that you carefully look at the ebay catalog and look for other offers to make the right choice.

The next step is to make a choice and pay for the goods using a credit card, PayPal or another proposed method of payment on the online ebay platform:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

You can buy the goods immediately or put it in the basket:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

If you forgot to provide the delivery address upon purchase, the site will remind you of this:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

Some sellers may ask you to send money bypassing the ebay website so as not to pay a commission for the sale, but to explain to you that you can save. We do not recommend doing this, since then the ebay website is not responsible for such a transaction – the seller may turn out to be a scammer or simply deliver you defective goods. Therefore, when creating a dispute, if you really received low-quality goods, there is a high probability of not returning your money back. Please do not break the rules and observe the legality of the transaction.

Once we ordered an iPhone 9 on eBay, but after a while it just stopped working. We contacted the seller, and he agreed to a refund, and also paid for the delivery. This is customer orientation and service!

Delivery of goods with Ebay

Some sellers may offer several shipping options. Free – for a long time or for money but faster. Very often there is no free delivery on Ebay at all and it all depends on the seller. Free delivery will often come to regular mail and the delivery time depends on how we wrote on the chosen method, as well as on the remoteness of the seller from you. Example seller with free shipping from Hong Kong, China:

Ebay Shopping - Walkthroughs and Tips

It is clear that the delivery of goods from America to Europe will be longer, for example, than from Germany. Sometimes you can choose shipping via DHL or FedEx, but it will cost more, but faster. In some cases, the delivery process can be more complicated, often when you are waiting for a product with free delivery. The seller will send you a tracking code, and then you yourself will track where your package is.

We wish you a happy shopping on Ebay!

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