Cyber monday

Cyber Monday 2020 – up to 90 percent off sales

The history of Cyber Monday originates in the United States, and its appearance is associated with the very popular Black Friday among Americans, as well as the huge number of online stores that appeared in the 2000s. The term was proposed in 2005 by the US retail division. The impetus for the emergence of such grandiose sales is statistics – studies have shown that Monday following Black Friday and Thanksgiving is the most active day for online shopping.

Today, Cyber Monday, like Black Friday, has gained worldwide distribution, such large trading platforms and online stores as Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood have supported the initiative and delight their customers with unprecedented discounts and advantageous promotional offers.

Useful Tips

In pursuit of savings, you do not need to lose your head. In order for shopping to bring maximum pleasure and be successful, you need:

  • make a list of things that are really necessary;
  • plan a budget, determine how much and where you can spend;
  • install an extension to track price drops – this will help to avoid artificially overpricing before selling;
  • carefully study the profile of the seller, reviews and comments from buyers;
  • keep a cool mind and acquire quality things.

It will not be superfluous to register on Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood in advance, fill out the delivery address and attach a payment card. On Cyber Monday, the influx of buyers will be very large, but the number of promotional products is limited and spending time in vain is illogical. You can save more with cashback services that offer additional discounts on purchases.

Promotions and discounts on Cyber Monday 2020 on AliExpress

In 2020, the famous Black Friday falls on November 27, therefore, the sale dedicated to Cyber Monday will begin on November 30. What to expect from the largest Chinese trading platform on this day:

  1. I’m selling over 10 million sales items, including electronics, appliances, accessories, shoes, gardening goods, hobbies and much, much more.
  2. Amazing discounts of up to 90 percent, many of which are known in advance. This cardinally distinguishes Cyber Monday on Ali from the same Black Friday, where shares on specific positions become known only at the time of opening sales.

A few days before Cyber Monday, Aliexpress sends the user various coupons that can be used for purchases on the day of sale. The number and face value of coupons depends on the activity of a particular customer, however, no one will be left without gifts.

Total Cyber Monday Clothing and Electronics Sale at Gearbest

Registrars, shoe and clothing items, video and cameras, quadcopters, mobile phones and thousands of other products with up to 70 percent discount await Gearbest fans. This is a great reason to get good products for little money, saving family and personal budget. As elsewhere in the world, Cyber Monday on the trading floor is held after the famous Black Friday, from 26.11 to 01.12 (depending on the year). In 2020, this date falls on November 30th. It is important to note that the sale will last only 1 day.

Like Aliexpress, Gearbest gives out coupons and promotional codes. They can be combined with discounts or go as a separate offer. Additionally, a festive lottery is held, which allows you to absolutely free to win a discount or a specific product. For buyers who place an order, the number of attempts to participate in the draw increases 3 times.

Profitable Shopping at Banggood on Cyber Monday

Banggood is considered one of the best Chinese stores with just a huge selection of products for all occasions. Among domestic buyers, he is still less known than Ali himself, but an assortment of over 70 thousand commodity items, worldwide delivery make him very profitable for shopping, especially on sales days like Cyber Monday.

Among the main products that will traditionally be involved in sales:

  • modern electronics and cool gadgets;
  • Products for adults;
  • stylish shoes and clothes;
  • toys and household goods.

Banggood discounts on sale days range from 10 to 90 percent, depending on the seller and the item. Additional discounts can be obtained for participating in promotions, contests, installing the application. Each user of the site receives points for each purchase, which can be exchanged for discount coupons. They can also be used for even greater savings on Cyber Monday, but it is important to note the discounts are not cumulative for all products.

The only drawback of Gearbest and Banggood is the lack of full support for the Russian language, but given the possible savings and good quality products – this is a trifle.

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